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Comparable to a construction kit, individual parts can be selected and combined to form unique constructions according to your wishes. It is possible for new components to be combined with multiple projects. These can then be further expanded by a variety of accessories.

TURNBARfree and TURNBARmobil+ products are based on the TURNBARsystem. Because all products employ the same design features, components of the freestanding and mobile products can be combined with original TURNBARsystem components.


The TURNBARsystem employs a jointed dowel assembly attached to secure anchors in previously laid foundations. This form of installation guarantees a permanent and stable anchor. Our Templer Profiles however are not embedded in concrete, thus the full length of our posts can be used for attachments.

We designed this system in order to:

  • quickly mount supports without relying on other contract work
  • allow customers the flexibility to complete individual tasks for their own projects
  • guarantee a vandal-proof, resilient, anchored structure after a mere 30 minute drying period
  • avoid elaborate support structures in order to avoid the risk of damage by premature use


Different foundations are required for different levels of fall protection. Both fall protection plates and seamlessly-poured fall protection coverings provide level foundations. Looser bulk materials require laterally beveled and thus more elaborate sleeve foundations.

Worry-Free Park Planning

We offer a variety of services to make park planning as easy as possible. From idea development to construction support, we help you find the perfect solution!

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Preconfigured or Customized

TURNBAR training parks can be used for Calisthenics, Boot Camp Training, Functional Fitness, Cross Training, and much more. These various target audiences require a product created with regard to current fitness trends - trends that determine the most appropriate product configurations. The TURNBARsystem offers a wide variety of modular structural elements in construction kits that can be personalized for these uses. Alternatively, you can always use a preconfigured combination designed by our team.

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TURNBARfree can be temporarily mounted onto base plates and does not require a permanent foundation.

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