Freestanding, stable and safe.

If it’s impossible to lay foundations, if you’re considering adding them later, or  if foundations are altogether undesired and you would prefer a structure that can be temporarily erected, the TURNBARfree line offers an alternative with base plate supports.

Our freestanding solution is just as modular and adjustable as our other product lines but leaves no trace of its existence when removed. Even with base plates substituted for permanent anchors, the special post construction has high performance load-bearing capabilities and TURNBARfree products prove to be strong and well-designed freestanding sports equipment.

Specific requirements call for sophisticated solutions

As opposed to our classic system, assembly occurs not on foundations but on special non-slip tiles. In accordance with DIN 1177, various available floor coverings can conceal these base plates to provide a uniform fall protection surface.

The only prerequisite for TURNBARfree is level, stable ground. No need for building permits to allow foundation installations or alterations! This opens up new venues for the construction of your very own TURNBAR sports equipment: from rented buildings to fields, even green roof terraces!

The same Freedoms of the TURNBARsystem

The freestanding alternative is based on all the possibilities of the classic TURNBARsystem with almost no restrictions.

To the TURNBARsystem

The solution for special requirements:

perfect for rented locations, our installations won’t damage the floor

suitable for installation on flat roofs, roof terraces, or similar locations that don’t allow foundation alterations

protection of tree root systems in wooded areas, these base plates do not encroach into the ground

temporary or permanent installation and various areas of application, from trade fairs or workshop events to competitions