Orders become projects. Projects result in partnerships. Partnerships create new ideas. Together with our partners and customers, TURNBARsystem undergoes constant development.

We focus on collective development with users to determine needs and desired functional elements that will open up new user groups and applications in the future.

Bänfer GmbH

Since 1984, Bänfer has been producing, developing and distributing sports mats and equipments for various athletic fields. With their experience and high-quality standards, they could convince well-known athletes and trainers. They continue to ensure innovation that supports the athletes.

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Creapure® is pure creatine-monohydrate manufactured to the highest quality and purity in accordance to German safety standards. Compared to other creatine brands, Creapure® is by far the best researched creatine. It’s proven to be safe and effective. Creatine helps athletes to train harder and with more endurance, promoting new muscle growth and reducing recovery times after hard training periods. AlzChem Trostberg GmbH sells creatine-monohydrate under the brand name Creapure® to well-known manufacturers of sports nutrition products worldwide. With real German-made Creapure® you can be sure to consume a high quality, safe, and reliable product.



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Trampolines are a joy to those of all ages -- children, adolescents, and adults alike. By cooperating with one of the world's largest manufacturers of high-quality outdoor trampolines, we can integrate trampoline elements (that comply with DIN EN 1176 and require no supervision) in our systems.

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heiler is the innovative system provider in sports field construction. With the construction of single sports facilities up to entire training centers, the Bielefeld-based company now focuses exclusively on football. As a system provider, heiler provides all components, services and machines from a single source: drainage, turf heating, natural, artificial and hybrid turf. Beyond that, the services also include care and renovation.



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Landessportbund Hessen e.V.

The Landessportbund Hessen (lsb h) is an association of Hessian sports clubs and their members. As an umbrella organization, they represent sports clubs in Hessen. Sporting, social and educational-political competence, innovation, quality, and volunteer commitment are the strengths of Isb h.

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Outdoor against Cancer

Turnbar and OaC both hope to motivate more people to work out together in the open air. Outdoor activities naturally prevent illnesses and aid in illness recuperation. Together we want to enable people of different ages and fitness levels to have limitless access to sports and outdoor activities. We want to support people by allowing free-time training (possible whenever you have the time) with the option to take additional guided courses (scheduled, OaC certified trainers).

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Our cooperation and distribution partner for the TOOLBOX and the SPORTBOX is PAUL WOLFF GMBH. For many years, it has been setting innovative trends with products from the areas of waste collection systems, protective cabinets and cemetery systems. PAUL WOLFF products are characterized by their top quality and long service life, are located outdoors and withstand weather and environmental influences in an optimum manner. At the same time, they serve to protect the environment and help to conserve resources

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Since 2009, the company RadQuartier has operated the largest hall for extreme and trending sports in Germany. In addition, managing director / founder and former mountain bike professional Robin Specht and his team have set for themselves a goal of designing and building modern sports facilities in the form of pump tracks and biking facilities. This creates an added value for the community and represent health-promoting, cross-generational, and sports-intensive recreational meeting places. The innovative and individual planning, passionate and competent implementation, and the years of experience that flow into each individual project create a perfect combination of nature, people, sports, and joy in mountain bike and trend sports facilities.

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Welcome to your sporting network.

Search for sports shoes, find a treadmill, book a trainer, stream a fitness class... Sportaholix combines passion with sports business. As a partner, Sportaholix advises use on marketing and media issues while mediating supply and demand in the fitness industry.

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Mit der app and move GmbH haben wir einen innovativen Partner an unserer Seite. Die SportBox ist ein Verleihangebot für Fitnesstrainingsequipment unter freiem Himmel. Der Verleih wird vollständig automatisiert und digital mit der zugehörigen SportBox-App abgewickelt. Durch unsere Partnerschaft stehen Trainingsmaterialien wie Gewichte, Medizinbälle oder Gummibänder ab sofort zum Verleih in unseren TURNBARparks bereit. Dein Training wird jetzt noch besser!

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SSG Dienstleistung Spielplatzmanagement GmbH


SSG Dienstleistung GmbH offers full playground service including planning, assembling and service. Every service whether part or full service is planified to fit the individual needs perfectly.
SSG Dienstleistung GmbH – Your Playground-Service Partner


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TraceSpace is the first planning office for individual and innovative movement room design inspired by parkour. The perspectives of passionate traceurs on movement and space are combined with those of experts in consulting, craft and interior design, as well as pedagogy and adult education. Especially the parkour-perspective of TraceSpace creates an experience-oriented and multi-perspectival approach that combines creativity, challenges and adventures with safety and individuality. The goal is the creation of integrative movement spaces for diverse target groups – independent of age, gender or social and athletic background.

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