Park Planning

as easy as possible

It can be challenging to plan and execute projects involving park equipment; the final product must appeal to multiple target groups’ wishes and requirements. This can be as exciting as it is challenging for those wishing to start a project -- whether they be landscape designers, architects, interest groups, or communities. The relatively new field of outdoor fitness is one with safety standards and other requirements that aren’t common knowledge to most people. Our expert consultations prevent planning mistakes, inform you of potential corrections and alternatives, and leave you feeling confident with the future of your project.

We will be with you every step of the way!

The First Step

Have any questions? Think you’re ready to start your project? Start by taking our short but useful questionnaire to quickly help us understand your requirements and wishes. With this information we can help you develop a plan tailored to future users, sports, available space, and your budget. We will also take into consideration the planned fall protection material and the conditions of installation sites with pre-existing infrastructure.


If you are unsure of anything and have any questions we are happy to advise you!

Download the questionnaire!

The Online Configurator


Use our online planning tool to develop an impression of our products’ components and possibilities. You will enjoy shaping your own configuration and be amazed by the versatility of our product.

Saving a screenshot of your design will be useful for future planning and consultations.

We can work together to deduce the usefulness of certain components, determine the best use of your budget, and optimize your preliminary design while complying with standards.

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Specific Planning

The actual planning of your park can begin once all the conditions are clear. Our 3D visualizations allow a first-person impression of your dream park. Our comprehensive plans wouldn’t be complete without construction dimensions, fall-protection dimensions, and clearly defined fall-heights. Per request, our services can coordinate contract work and TÜV inspections -- project management too!