Quality + Safety

We are setting new standards...

Our Concept of Quality and Safety

Stable and Safe

The TURNBAR series has been examined and tested by an independent, state-authorized institution. For over 20 years the GS Mark (“Tested Safety”) has been highly-recognized in the strict field of product safety testing and has certified that our product complies with the requirements of the Product Safety Act (ProdSG).

Our decision to receive this testing and recognition isn’t just a result of our integrity and experience from 30 years as metalworkers, but also a way to prove our confidence and trust in our first product. We’ve broken new ground by developing a product that completely contrasts with all others on the market, opting not for the common hollow tube construction but for a folded “cross-section.” But confidence and pride alone can’t prove a product’s worth. Since these profile posts and related mounting brackets are entirely novel designs, it was important for us to know the exact load limits in the interest of user safety. With more than 1.3 tons of static load capacity per clamp, TURNBAR is up to any user’s challenge.


Always on the safe side

The TURNBAR system complies with the relevant standards in this product sector: DIN EN 16630: 2015-06 (permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment) and DIN EN 1176-1: 2017-12 (playground equipment).

Compliance with these standards is especially important for use in public areas. On completion of a project and in compliance with regulations, an inspector carries out a mere visual inspection and dimensional accuracy test commonly referred to as the TÜV test or TÜV acceptance test.

This visual inspection does not determine or guarantee a certain load-bearing limit, but our designers purposely over-engineered our product to support surprisingly high active loads.

The Tested Safety (GS) mark is a more significant and reliable test for stability and load capacity. The GS is divided into initial and annual examinations:

  • an initial material and static strength test for every part we produce
  • annual inspections of the production site
  • annual reviews of working conditions

We have opted for this complex form of product testing for our own safety as well as, of course, the safety of our customers. Furthermore, we are the only European manufacturer in this business sector to do so.