The TURNBAR concept can be described by three key design components. TURNBAR uses:

  • a rail-like support-post construction
  • a specially designed internal clamping system
  • an adjustable, sustainable construction kit design scheme that can match your specific plans

The Templer Profile

Not like any other post.

The Templer’s multi-folded profile with its signature cross-section was designed to guarantee kink-resistant, vandal-proof, stable, and safe sports equipment for even the most intense exercises.

We have named this multifunctional and extremely durable design the “Templer Profile” for the unique historical appearance and symbolism of its “cross-section.”

In contrast to commonly round or square hollow-bodied posts, the Templer Profile does not build up swaying motion and proves to be a resistant system even under demanding conditions and different uses.

Templer Profile Inlays

Classic or Customized?

The protected inner surfaces of the Templer Profile are black by default, but this can easily be customized with any color in the RAL spectrum or with individually designed digital printing. For more information contact our customer service advisors under the keywords “customizing, sponsoring, and branding.”

We value user-friendly, low-maintenance sports equipment and renounce usage of short-lived structural components like plastic inlays, brittle rubber buffers, and adhesives.

Templer Profile Clamp

Clamp(ing) wanted

To avoid the well-known disadvantages of encompassing clamp systems we developed a fastening element that is securely housed inside the Templer Profile. This attachment system securely affixes various elements like pull-up bars and parkour walls without the need for drilling, a process that can weaken the post structure. 

Security screws are built for these clamps and prevent all but authorized personnel from loosening and adjusting the construction elements. With much regard for safety, these closed-form clamps were designed to avoid any potential for pinching.

  • TK180 for maximum clamping force
  • TK90 for all right-angled connections
  • TK45 for 45° connections

The TURNBAR Construction Kit

A unique Fastening System 


The Templer Profile is pieced together by sliding individual components (e.g. a pull-up bar) down the inner rail structure from above. These components are fixed at the desired height before the top of the post is sealed off. This results in an infinitely adaptable rail system. All attached elements can be adjusted or replaced at any time without risking surface or paint damages and without affecting the safety of the structure.

Modular Grid

All in Place

Because TURNBAR products have the capability to constantly evolve and change as a result of modular construction, simple modifications can result in continued user interest. Over time this changing structure will prevent the waning interest and use that often plagues less adjustable structures. As certain sports become more or less popular, TURNBAR can adapt to changing athletic trends. This process can be as simple as adjusting overhead monkey bars to become a vertical ladder.

All existing and future TURNBAR components will be interchangeable with each other — you will never have an out-of-date product that can’t support new features. This simultaneously supports individual construction phases over periods of time, preventing the need for an extremely stressful upfront investment. Developments in our system components are released annually and add-on components can be updated in an economically viable manner. TURNBAR will prove to be a profitable investment!


  • Practical addition and removal of structural components thanks to removable lid and rail system
  • Different clamping angles with high static clamping force
  • Stepless and fully personalizable rail-height adjustment instead of preset attachment sites
  • Time-saving post installations or alterations as a result of practical screw-on foundation connections
  • The posts can be rebuilt and reused as needed thanks to this form of assembly
  • Higher rigidity than competitors’ hollow-bodied post structures that tend to bend or shake under heavy forces
  • A design that shuns short-lived, vulnerable, or brittle materials